“Things don’t go right by accident”                                  ©Adam  Lescop


© John Fitzgerald


The popular idea of a toastmaster is of a strange man in a red coat who bangs a hammer and shouts a lot but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, most of our work is done behind the scenes and the hammer (or gavel) is only used as a last resort.

Our job is quite simple – to take all the pressure off the host and hostess, make everything run smoothly and according to plan.

Most people leave it too late to make full use of our extensive experience but if you call us early enough, we will effortlessly guide you through every stage of planning and preparation, as well as the event itself.

Some important advice

Beware when hotel staff or DJ’s offer to act as Toastmaster or MC. Please bear in mind that our roll is unique and none of them will have had the necessary training, nor will they ever be able to provide our personal in-depth help, advice and support… or the red tailcoat!


For any enquiries about any event you might be thinking of arranging.