The presence of an experienced Toastmaster will ensure that your day goes just the way you want it to, without anyone having to worry about the detail. Our helping hand starts during your planning with all the advice you need on traditions, timings and speeches. Any fears of speech-making will be dispelled by our gentle instruction and simple rules of who says what and when.

On the day, the red tailcoat always impresses and shows that you have everything well organised. Our appearance will remind the family that they have a friend who is in control, ensuring that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Whether 30 or 300 guests, everyone will warm to our relaxed approach and good humour, as we co-ordinate the activities and provide a focal point for help and advice. There will be nothing for you to do except relax and enjoy the day.


Please don’t be tempted to use your bestmen or bestwoman to do the job. For no matter how confident they might feel, they will not have the time to totally concentrate on the job nor provide you with our comprehensive support.